Vuneny was founded by musicians Andrijan Zovko & Nedim Cisic in 2003, following the proposal by Short Film Festival (Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina) to produce soundtrack for a cult mute film by Phillipe Garell “Le Revelateur”, 1968.

Andrijan Zovko has been the keyboard and machines programmer in electro-core band «Handle With Care» for the past decade. Nedim Cisic played the guitar for years in dark-pop band «Mara», and is one of the founders of Alternativni Institut, Mostar centre for independent production (Kolaps book publishing & music). Guitarist and percussionist Asmir Sabic (known for playing in bands Alternativa Nova and Ultrared Orchestra) joined a newly established electro-acoustic trio Vuneny (the wool men). In less than 4 years of existence Vuneny has played more than 300 concerts in 15 European countries, made 3 movie soundtracks, 2 albums, several multimedia projects & remixes, and became one of Balkan’s more productive and creative collectives..

Vuneny composes genuine music that has characteristic atmosphere with a sound that is both expressionistic and scenario-like. Vuneny is based on continuous and dynamic work in progress that is always searching for new ways of expression. Vuneny articulates crossover forms, producing HYBRID, LOUD, CONTAMINATED, MELODIC, ECCLECTIC, HYPERSTYLIZED, POWERFUL MUSIC.

Extraordinarily dynamic live performances are accompanied by original Vuneny visuals (artists Ermin Hadzic ­ video/Dalibor Baric ­ animation).

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